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Who am I?



My name is Jemma, and I'm from London.

I have an authentic, native and easy to understand British accent which can help you with pronunciation issues and help you to sound more like a native speaker!! 

I teach all level learners starting from elementary up to advanced and can help with exam preparation and practice.

I have had experience teaching both online and within different schools, groups, one to one and IELTS classes. 

I enjoy working with students from all different nationalities. I find it very easy to build good working relationships with my students and I create a safe, comfortable and inviting atmosphere within the classroom.

My teaching ethos is to be as communicative and interactive as possible, I like to introduce some fun into the classroom with lots of different activities and to make sure every student feels listened too!

I am Cambridge accredited and hold a CELTA, pass B teaching certificate.

I also hold certificates in: Business English, teaching IELTS and teaching English online.


What will you learn?

At S-E-S I like

to take a


friendly and

fun approach to

teaching English

Lesson methodology:

At the moment I am offering private one to one lessons and have just introduced group classes focusing only on speaking skills - these are called the 'CONVERSATION CLUB' and will be taking place 1 hour per week on different days.

Each lesson will be tailored to your wants and needs, this is why I am offering a free 30 minute introduction lesson where we will discuss your reasons for learning English, what you would like to achieve (goal setting) and a general chat !

I can help with:

Personal and professional development.

English within social environments.

Exam preparation - IELTS  

and just for fun!! :) :) :)




Through – out our lessons we will look at:

  • Speaking

  • Pronunciation

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Expanding Vocabulary

  • Exam preparation/practice



The benefits of studying with SES:


- Native English teacher

- Native London accent

- Each lesson specific to your needs

- Flexible schedule

- Interesting activities and homework

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Testimonials / Reviews

What the students' think

“I met Jemma more than one year ago.

Here are some simple words I can tell about her:

Despite of Jemma is a quite young teacher she has got a big teaching expirence from children to adults, from private to group lessons. It allows her to understand how to present information to you for better understanding.

So she is a really flexible teacher. She can create an unique plan for you depending on what you want to get from lessons and how much time you have got. 

Jemma likes traveling around the world so she is an open-minded person. That's why just chatting with her is so cool and useful. It's important because the more that you are interested in your studying the higher results you will reach. 

I choose to study with her because it is the easiest way to get into a British atmosphere whilst still being at home.

Good luck with your teaching!”


Dmitry, Russia

Current student's thoughts...

Sonya, Russia

Previous student's work and group classes 

**Pictures shown are from the school I previously worked at**

..With Jemma I can produce some amazing work whilst having fun!! ...


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price and booking

Price and booking information:

** All times are shown in BST (UK) and all prices are shown in GBP Pounds ££ **

Individual classes:


Singular lessons are also available at a standard price of £23 per 1 hour if you do not wish to commit!!